Sunday, May 24, 2009


A daydream is a visionary fantasy experienced while awake, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions.(a b c d e Eric Klinger. Psychology Today. October 1987)

A daydream is that "fountain spurting," as the brain mixes together ideas, memories and concepts that are normally filed away in discrete mental folders. (Jonah Lehrer)

I read the following on a Blog by Jonah Lehrer and wanted to share it. Very interesting read!
"If you sit down and just watch your mind without asking it to do anything, without using some sort of meditation technique, it will switch into default mode and start thinking. If you watch this happen with your awareness and ask which of your senses seems to be involved with thinking, you will usually come up with not smelling, not tasting, not feeling, not seeing but 'hearing'. There seems to a little voice in your head; there may also be images that arise so one is also 'seeing' some thoughts. Try consciously thinking a thought or picturing someone you know to verify this.

If one is not aware of this default mode, one will get sucked into it most of the time and be thinking 24/7 and not be aware of it. Usually the train of thought is a running commentary on how we are doing, what's going to happen, what's already happened; it's not very creative chatter. To get creative insights which also arise as thoughts that we 'hear', it is usually necessary to clear out the default mode chatter to allow creative insights to arise. They will arise if 1) you have asked a question and 2) your mind and body are relaxed, and 3) you are not absorb in the default mode chatter."