Thursday, July 9, 2009

Are We The Man In The Mirror?

I, like millions of people around the globe, watched the memorial for Michael Jackson. Each have their own opinion about Michael the man, father, son, brother, entertainer and child. I say child because to me, Michael was so childlike even at 50 years old. He had so much love in his heart that the more he gave of himself, even more would be replenished within him.
I was not a fanatical Michael Jackson fan. I was an average fan. I enjoyed his music, was in awe of his dancing and respected him for his philanthropic nature.
Was he odd? Yes, he had his odd moments just as we all do. Difference was that his were made public due to our insatiable need to be morbidly curious.
Did I find it odd that Michael shared his bed with children? Yes, I did and still do. Do I understand it? Yes, where Michael is concerned, I think I do understand his mode of thinking.

Stay with me on this. It strikes me odd that all of the Jackson children have a very soft spoken voice to them. They all seemingly have such a pure and good spirit to them. None seem to be struck with the arrogance that so many celebrities take on, especially Michael. With Michael knowing that his every move was photographed, taped and recorded what arrogance he would have to possess to think that he could molest children and get away with it. It so goes against the character of Michael. Was it inappropriate for him to share his bed with children, yes, in our world views and limitations, most definitely yes?
To me, it was as if Michael would live and relive his childhood through the children that he surrounded himself with. Michael was a genius when it came to music and concepts when on stage. Off stage, he remained a lonely man-child searching for a lost child, himself.

When I learned of Michael’s death, I was shocked, saddened, then a wave of relief fell over me as I knew that Michael would finally have the peace and the childhood he so desperately yearned for.

Everyone has their own opinion of Michael Jackson, as do I. I am not trying to say mine is the correct one, but it is the correct one for me.

I will miss your amazing spirit, the love you gave so freely and for all that you brought to my life. We grew up together Michael. Thank You Michael.

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