Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's Saturday Night and The Dickinsons Are Getting Cleaned Up

The other day my husband Frank wrote a blog entitled “Cleaning House – Sacred Sage Smudging Ceremony”. He wrote that blog after I returned home from our Herbalists shop with a couple ounces of sage sprigs to cleanse our home from the bad juju that has accumulated in the past 5 years we have been living in it. It was and is time to have a ceremonial sage cleansing.

For the past few years, Frank and I have been working on our spirituality, our impact on the environment, our relationship with those we love or yet to meet to love as well as many other aspects of our lives. The inventory was taken and now it is time to rebuild, restructure and firm up our foundation.

Friday when I returned home from my workday, I found my home was being maneuvered around, room by room, swapping and switching everything up. Rugs were meticulously steamed cleaned by Frank, while our daughter and our Chad were moving the furniture about. Only 1 room remained as it was—our bedroom *s*. Heather and Chad’s room became our office, our office became their bedroom (it was originally a living room), and the dinning room became our grandson, Keygan’s playroom. The kitchen which also doubled as Heather’s mini office was turned into the dinning area. And the little vestibule between the front door and kitchen became Keygan’s sleep area.
As you can tell, our family takes up every available nook and cranny within a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house. We wanted to make sure everyone has their space and not merely crammed in a hap hazard manner. In these trying economic times, families need to come together and help wherever they can, however they can. For us, it was combining households to help make ends meet, for all of us.

Okay, there you have the background information for the crux of this blog.

It is now Saturday evening, 10:41 and the rooms are all put together, rugs almost sparkling they are so clean, heads are sleeping peacefully on their respective pillow.Such busy lil bees they were!

We had a huge Ah Ha moment when we went into the basement to get our Tarot Cards. There was no way to wade through, move boxes stacked on other boxes and squeeze between the cracks to even get close to them. We looked at each other and said “shame on us”.

Tomorrow Chad is our Grill Master/smoker. Whilst he is tending the savory meat, the rest of us are dragging everything out of the basement, scrubbing it clean and recycling what we don’t use to those that need it, toss what is broken and unable to fix and then organize properly. We felt that we were in an episode of Clean Houseand at any moment
Niecy Nash was going to appear and say “OOoooooo Such foolishness and mayhem!” She would be absolutely correct.

For how can we strengthen our foundation when the core is in complete shambles? Bottom Up is the motto of Sunday, August 23. By the time the smoke master is ready to call us for vitals, it really will be bottoms up in celebration of cleaning our core giving us the ability to have our Cleaning House – Sacred Sage Smudging Ceremony proudly from the bottom up. Out with the bad juju and in with the good mojo.

Bottoms Up!!
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