Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk


We all Use them, Say them, Blog about them and Tweet them. But how much to we really invest in the words? Do we really take the time to think about the meaning behind the words or how maybe we could incorporate the meaning(s) into our lives?

Quotes are just words strung together fluidly to create a flash of conciseness. It is what we make of the flash that makes the Quote meaningful.
Don’t get me wrong, I love quotes. Most times others can say feelings that I sometimes have trouble conveying.

I do have a few quotes that I made up that I try and live by:

Life is a Highway.. Don't speed!!

Live life in the moment... especially since moments are fleeting... it's like a constant do-over.

And especially;
Don't use the words "I Love You" like you ask someone to “pass the butter”. Those 3 words deserve the respect of the sentiment.

So think about the next time you Re-Tweet, Blog or Speak a quote… are these words you live by or want to live by…..

To Quote the lovely Niecy Nash ( from Clean House)..

“Let’s git to gitting”


Frank Dickinson said...

"You are smart as a whip."

"How much do I love you?, let me count the ways."

"Everything is beautiful in it's own way."

Like you and this post,

RuthAnn said...


and the horse you rode in on...

My love is deeper than the ocean.. higher than the mountains...

You are.. therefore I am


Charms Of Light said...

Well said Ruth Ann. I have often wondered about this myself.

Personally, I only say/write what I believe and try to live by. I would like to think that others did the same.

"You're a chip off the old block."

Caryl :)

Xavierism said...

Great post...from the heart & soul. I've been meaning to update. So much to say and write so thank you for the inspiration.

Yes, words carry much more meaning when I know they are spoken and shared by those that have really made the investments in Life.

As a Cancer survivor, I've been giving another chance to share. I'm here for a reason and I refuse to let God and Angels down.

So thanks for the reminder again. I've enjoyed reading your blog posts.