Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Open Up and Say Ahhhhhhhhh

July 1, 2009 Wednesday 5:27 p.m.

As I always do after an Attunement, I sit here at my keyboard to document my experience. I just received my Kundalini Reiki Level III Attunement.
Wow… what an open feeling I am left with. I liken it to the feeling I have after finishing Qi Gong. I feel taller, lighter and just very open.
A few minutes into the attunement, I felt the energy spiraling up my spine, in a circular motion. I could feel my spinal column sway side to side as the energy moved upward. It was moving like your body moves when you hear a piece of music that makes you move from the waist up.
After the circular motion ceased, I felt the energy moving freely up and down my chakras. Up and down, up and down, up and down. It seemed to be lifting me up in my chair... sitting more erect, posture improved, breathing steady and smooth.
My left eyeball began to bounce up and down… my sinuses opened and I began to smell the sweet scent of moss and earth. My ears opened and I could hear sounds with a clarity I have not had in a long time. From my 3rd eye, a large winged bird emerged pulling the energy through me out into the universe. I then saw a bright white light, a very peaceful comforting light that was sending energy back to me, into my 3rd eye and down my body. I would then feel the energy coming back up my body, being returned to the universe. Slowly the sending and sharing of the energy slowed to a gentle halt.
Allowing the energy to settle, I meditated for a few moments, making sure I had received the entire gift being sent to me. I opened my eyes stretched my body, stood to the most wonderful open & refreshed sense of myself… very open, in mind, body and spirit.



Frank Dickinson said...

The beauty and wonder of Kundalini Reiki Level 3 - Master Level - is an amazing thing.

Thank you so much for sharing this RuthAnn.

You are a beautiful soul and I am thankful to have been your Kundalini Reiki Teacher.

Continue the journey!

Love and Light,

Charms Of Light said...

Just beautiful!

Love, light & peace!
Caryl :)