Saturday, June 6, 2009

On Top Of Old Smokey

I have been recuperating a knee replacement along with some other health issues the past few months. Being cooped up in the house has taken a toll on my state of sanity, ( along with those that live with me ). Reiki has helped me in so many ways, spiritually, energy and has also aided my healing. My wonderful husband took me on an amazing journey that was such a godsend, literally. We drove to TN to The Great Smokey Mountains. Now I have always been an ocean, NJ shore kind of gal, until last week. The power of the mountain took complete control of me. I embraced it with a passion that I did not know existed within. At first site of the great mountains before me, tears rolled down my cheeks. I do not know where they came from, but there they were. The beauty was overwhelming.

Frank, my husband, had lived in these mountains for 3 years and knew many nooks and crannies that he knew I'd enjoy. We went on driving adventures so that I could enjoy all of God's creation from the car. We spotted 3 different sightings of wild black bear, each with a momma bear and her cub.

The scenery was spectacular. We had pulled over at one point, to get out of the car and stretch a bit. We were right next to the brook. I sat upon one of the larger river stones by the edge as Frank went out into the brook looking for stones. As I sat there, my eyes caught a glimpse of a bird soaring towards me. It landed on the branch of a tree 4 feet in front of me. It was an owl. This was not a bird that I had expected to see, not in the least. It was an amazing sight to behold. The water was so intriging for me, especially the waterfalls and the cascades.

Thank you Frank, for sharing your magical mountain with me..... and helping me to put the world right again for me, in mind, body and spirit.